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PH Meters & Conductivity Meters

Our experienced and trained engineers can calibrate a wide range of conductivity meters & pH meters, used in processing / manufacturing chemicals and food stuffs.

We will adjust your conductivity meters & pH meters to ensure they will meet your needs we can either use manufactures recommended tolerances or ones suited to your application. If agreed in advance we can provide custom calibration points using specialist standards and buffers. 

All calibrations traceable to National Standards.

Our calibration service is available onsite or offsite.

Turbidity Meters

Heat Blocks / Plates

Electrical Safety Testing

Ensuring patient and operator safety with our portable test solutions.

It is crucial that medical equipment is electrically safe for patients and users in a healthcare environment. Biomedical safety testing is paramount at Cruinn. Our portable and lightweight electrical safety analyzers are fast and accurate, conforming to international and local safety standards.

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