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electronic measuring instruments

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PH Meters & Conductivity Meters Our experienced and trained engineers can calibrate a wide range of conductivity meters & pH meters, used in processing /

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Managed Equipment Service

Medical equipment management throughout the entire contract life-time. An MES manages all your equipment concerns such as ownership, provision, purchase, installation and commissioning, user training, asset

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centrifuge calibration

Centrifuge Calibration

Cruinn carry out INAB accredited Centrifuge Calibration between 0rpm – 30,000rpm and time Calibrations between 30sec – 3,600Sec. We also carry out repairs to various

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Bioburden Testing

TVAC/ Bioburden Testing

TVAC/ Bioburden test method validation and testing as per ISO 11737 / EP / USP or customer specific requirements. Methods available: • Membrane filtration• Pour

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