Oak weight on an analysis scale in the lab

Laboratory Balance Calibration

CruinnCal offer an INAB accredited balance calibration service. CruinnCal also provide repair and maintenance services for laboratory balances. 

Along with balance calibration, CruinnCal sell a range of electronic weighing instruments such as:

  • Analytical laboratory balances
  • Pipette calibration balances 
  • Small, Medium and Large industrial balances 
  • Moisture analyzers 
  • Scales for controlled and packaged goods
  • Mass comparators 

As well as this, CruinnCal provide various balance accessories including:

  • Laboratory balance tables with granite plinth
  • Anti-draft chambers for balances
  • Anti-static ionizers 
  • Density-determination kits
  • Anti-draft shields
  • Test weights 
  • Pipette calibration software

CruinnCal offers an INAB accredited balance calibration service from 1mg up to 11kg.

An unaccredited service up to 150KG is also available.

We cover:



Analytical Balances

Precision Balances

Moisture Analyzers

Industrial Balances

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