Temperature gages inside a liquid bag

Autoclave Calibration & Validation


Chamber thermal mapping and heat penetration studies are key to validating your equipment and processes, and are an important part of your GxP compliance program.  CruinnCal, a division of Crunn Diagnostics Ltd., using the DataTrace® data logger system can perform these critical studies in a fraction of the time required to do the same work with a wired, thermocouple-based data logger system.

Simplify Sensor Placement and Removal

DataTrace® data loggers can be easily and quickly placed in an autoclave chamber or load.  Being wireless, there are no thermocouples or power cables to deal with – we simply position the loggers in an appropriate location and they are ready to collect data.  Retrieving the data loggers is just as simple and downloading the data takes a matter of seconds.

Improve the Accuracy of Heat Penetration Studies

The DataTrace® data loggers are extremely small, robust, precision instruments that can be easily placed inside a huge variety of vessels and packages.  Using appropriate fixtures, the tip of the temperature probe can be positioned exactly at the coldest point within the vessel or load, providing extremely accurate heat penetration information.

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