Jack Nolan

Managing Director

+30 years industry experience.

  • Jack Nolan commenced his career in the laboratory supply business in 1991 with Novapath Supplies. Jack started in the purchasing & logistics department, progressed to the customer service department where he forged strong relationships with end users & procurement personnel. In 1993 Jack advanced to the Sales department, initially responsible for Equipment, Consumables & Microbiology Media sales to Clinical, Pharmaceutical, Food & Dairy and 3rd Level University Research Labs.
  • In 1995 Novapath Supplies was sold to United Drug Plc and integrated into their Clinical & Life Sciences company, Unitech Limited. Over the next 3 years, Jack achieved growth levels in both his existing product portfolio and new Unitech product ranges, which won him the salesperson of the year awards in 1996 & 1997.
  • In 1998 Jack left Unitech and together with Vincent Foley and former founders John Moran & Tom Donohoe established Cruinn Diagnostics.
  • Jack’s knowledge and experience in supply chain logistics and front & back-office procedures was instrumental in establishing Cruinn’s culture in supplying a high level & quality of customer service. This foundation was key to the future growth and the excellent reputation that Cruinn still hold in the market to this day.
  • Jack is a people person, his excellent relationships with suppliers, staff, fellow board members and most notably his working relationship with Vincent Foley are key to the continued success of Cruinn.
  • Jack is actively involved in all aspects of the business, from the day to day operations, financial management & strategy, new business development, recruitment and human resources. In addition, Jack continues to have an active sales role and is responsible for some key customer accounts.