Pipette Calibration

To ensure that your pipettes are operating at their optimum performance level, CruinnCal, a division of Cruinn Diagnostics Limited, is pleased to offer our pipette calibration service which covers the complete range of pipettes including:

  • Positive Displacement
  • Air Displacement
  • Mechanical and Electronic
  • Fixed or Variable Volume
  • Single or Multichannel  
  • Dispensers

Tailored Service Requirements

We offer in-house or on-site pipette calibration for all pipette makes and models. We can tailor our service to meet individual customer requirements. As found and/or as left service available.* Customer defined pipette calibration requirements, i.e. number of volumes and number of repetitions per volume.  Full stock of spares available for all models. Loan pipette service available where required.

CruinnCal is accredited by INAB as a Category A and B Public Calibration Laboratory  for the calibration of Piston Operated Volumetric Apparatus, (as defined by ISO 8655), under registration number 279C. Our Scope of accreditation covers pipettor calibration and certification of a wide range of POVAs including:

  • Positive Displacement Pipettes
  • Air Displacements Pipettes
  • Mechanical And Electronic Pipettes
  • Fixed or Variable Volume Pipettes

*As found refers to the calibration of a pipette as received by our calibration representive with no adjustments carried out. As left refers to the calibration of a pipette after service, repair or adjustment.

If you have any queries around our Pipette Calibration Services, please contact us today.
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