Synapse Radio Frequency Data System

Environmental monitoring systems, Temperature monitoring system.

The Synapse System uses a truly revolutionary RF subsystem which self calibrates before every data transmission or reception. This enables the system to maintain absolute peak performance even in harsh environments where traditionally designed systems simply stop working. To futher add to the system performance a specially designed data transfer protocol was developed for Synapse which allows data recovery should any external interference be present. All Transmitted data is encrypted and sent multiple times with embedded data recovery packets which guarentees that all data is received without errors.

The above design features give the Synapse system world leading Radio Frequency performance but where Synapse really stands out is in it's Unique 'registered' gateway protocol. This Protocol adds a level of system performance that leaves all other wireless systems behind. 

The Synapse system design is based on the MHRA, FDA, and IMB compliance requirements, specifically for the Life Science industry. Atlas Technology has applied its expertise in GxP to provide a compliant solution. The Synapse SDLC (System Development Life Cycle) reflects GAMP4 / 21 CFR Part 11 requirements.

  1. Ensure compliance to regulatory agencies requirements to monitor process and storage conditions.
  2. Synapse is scalable. It can grow and be reconfigured to meet new requirements for controlled temperature/humidity monitoring.
  3. Receive alerts and alarms remotely based on user defined criteria.
  4. Data available for inspection and analysis with full audit trail.
  5. Tiered Maintenance contracts and calibration services available.


Main Features
The Zen Protocol

Some of the many features that make Synapse a market leader

  • Self calibrating RF sub-system 
  • Multi level data recovering transfer protocol
  • Gateway protocol for optimised RF signal paths
  • Automatic system configuration
  • Self healing learning network
  • Self optimising system setup
  • Narrow bandwidth for optimal system range
  • Embedded data checksum guarentees data validity
  • Full system CFR 21 Part 11 compatibility
  • Data storage for up to 1,000,000,000 data points

The system is packed with many more innovative features

Data is securely stored in an SQL database. Synapse offers two additiona levels of data back up using the Receiver hardware and/or a Smart Memory Card System for double data security.


Unique RF protocol for Zero Data Loss

The Synapse is the only system on the market to use the Zen Protocol allowing the system to self heal in the event of change in the environmental conditions

The Zen technology was specifically designed for the Synapse system. It is a very sophisticated learning based protocol that allows the Synapse system to automatically configure and when required re-configure itself in response to system conditions. This results in a system that can 'self heal' in response to changes in either system use or environmental conditions.
The overall result of the protocols and technologies which have been incorporated into the Synapse system is that for the first time a wireless system can surpass a wired system in not only ease of installation but also in reliablity.

 For more information on the Synapse System please call our Customer Services Team on 01 6297400 or email

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