Here at Cruinn Diagnostics we supply a wide range of Laboratory Calibration Services through CruinnCal to laboratories throughout Ireland. We are INAB accreditied and are constantly upgrading our level of accreditation. We offer a comprehensive range of Laboratory Testing, Calibration and Validation Services including;  

  • Thermal Calibration & Validation- On site calibration available for: Fridges, Freezers, Incubators, Liquid Nitrogen storage containers, Ovens, Waterbaths, Climatic Cabinets 

  • Pipette Calibration - In house and on site Calibration available for: Positive Displacement Pipettes, Air Displacement pipettes, Mechanical and Electronic Pipettes, Fixed or Variable Volume Pipettes, Single or Multichannel Pipettes. 

  • Autoclave Calibration & Validation – On site chamber thermal mapping and heat penetration studies.

  • Testing Containment & Contamination Control Devices – On site calibration, validation and testing services for a wide range of Containment Systems and Airflow Devices eg: Class I, II and III Biological Safety Cabinets, Vertical and Horizontal Laminar Flow Workstations, Balance enclosures, Fume hoods/cupboards (ducted and recirculating), Isolators, Fan filter units (including HEPA filter testing), Local exhaust ventilation devices, Chemical safety cabinets.

  • Cleanroom Validation – On site testing & validation of Cleanrooms, Cleanzones and positive or negative containment rooms.

  • Laboratory Balance Calibration - On site calibration, repair and maintenance for a vast range of laboratory balances and electronic weighing instruments.

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