Here at Cruinn Diagnostics, we supply a wide range of Calibration and Testing Services through CruinnCal to laboratories, industries and institutions throughout Ireland. We are INAB accredited and are constantly upgrading our level of accreditation for Calibration and Testing

. We offer a comprehensive range of Laboratory Testing, Calibration and Validation Services including;  

  • Thermal Calibration & Validation- On site calibration available for: Fridges, Freezers, Incubators, Liquid Nitrogen storage containers, Ovens, Waterbaths, Climatic Cabinets 

  • Pipette Calibration - In house and on site Calibration available for: Positive Displacement Pipettes, Air Displacement pipettes, Mechanical and Electronic Pipettes, Fixed or Variable Volume Pipettes, Single or Multichannel Pipettes. 

  • Autoclave Calibration & Validation – On site chamber thermal mapping and heat penetration studies.

  • Testing Containment & Contamination Control Devices – On site calibration, validation and testing services for a wide range of Containment Systems and Airflow Devices eg: Class I, II and III Biological Safety Cabinets, Vertical and Horizontal Laminar Flow Workstations, Balance enclosures, Fume hoods/cupboards (ducted and recirculating), Isolators, Fan filter units (including HEPA filter testing), Local exhaust ventilation devices, Chemical safety cabinets.

  • Cleanroom Validation – On site testing & validation of Cleanrooms, Cleanzones and positive or negative containment rooms.

  • Laboratory Balance Calibration - On site calibration, repair and maintenance for a vast range of laboratory balances and electronic weighing instruments.

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