Laboratory Balance Calibration Services

CruinnCal offer an INAB accredited balance calibration service. CruinnCal also provide repair and maintenance services for laboratory balances. 

Along with balance calibration, CruinnCal sell a range of electronic weighing instruments such as:

  •  ​Analytical laboratory balances
  • Pipette calibration balances 
  • Small, Medium and Large industrial balances 
  • Moisture analyzers 
  • Scales for controlled and packaged goods
  • Mass comparators 

As well as this, CruinnCal provide various balance accessories including:

  • Laboratory balance tables with granite plinth
  • Anti-draft chambers for balances
  • Anti-static ionizers 
  • Density-determination kits
  • Anti-draft shields
  • Test weights 
  • Pipette calibration software


For a list of our vast balance product portfolio please click here

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