Indirect Immunoflourescent Assays  (IFA) 

Indirect immunoflourescent assays for the screening and semi-quantitative determination of antibodies in serum.  The presence of autoantibodies can be used in conjunction with other serological tests and clinical findings to aid in the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases. The NOVA Lite ® range has an extensive list of IFA products including:


  • IFA Slide kits
  • IFA Substrate Slides
  • IFA Antibody Controls
  • IFA Conjugates
  • Components
  • Demonstration Slides

QUANTA Chek™ quality control panels:

The QUANTA Chek™ panels are used for quality control of IFA and/or ELISA tests. Each serum serves as a pattern control and/or a titratable sensitivity control. The staining pattern and intensity for each serum has been calibrated.

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