The new VACUETTE® GLUCOMEDICS tube by Greiner Bio-One was specially developed for reliable stabilisation of blood sugar levels directly after sampling for the accuracy of the analysis results. 

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The additive mixture in the tube stabilises the blood sample immediately after sampling and thus impedes the breakdown of glucose over time (glycolysis). The combination of sodium EDTA, sodium fluoride, citric acid and sodium citrate acidifies the whole blood sample, resulting in the immediate and complete inhibition of glycolysis, thus setting it apart from conventional sodium fluoride tubes.

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Glucose-based laboratory diagnosis of Diabetes mellitus has recently undergone some changes. The reliable stabilisation of blood sugar levels immediately after sampling is thus an important precondition for the accuracy of the analysis result. Various directives deal with this topic in some detail. The aim is to raise quality standards by means of effective glycolysis inhibition before analysis, thus facilitating a more accurate diagnosis.

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