Blood Gas Syringes

 Precise and economical, the Pulset™ Arterial Blood Gas Sampler offers simplicity and safety in blood gas handling for users. Giving the option of pre-set plunger mode or manual aspiration, the dual function vented syringe allows the user to choose between both.  

Powdered dry balanced lithium/zinc heparin provides rapid anticoagulation, eliminates CO2 dilution error, and has virtually no impact on electrolytes.



While blood gas sampling is an Presumptious procedure that can result in injuries such as needlestick or even exposure to bloodborne pathogens. The Pulset features a SafetyTip Needlestick Protection to aid the prevention of needlestick injuries for the end users which makes the Pulset user friendly, safe to use and compatiable for the user.



For further information on the Westmed product range or to download the Pulset Brouchure, click on the link below.

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