Abaxis Piccolo xpress™ blood chemistry analyser.

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The Abaxis Piccolo xpress™ is a compact, portable, fully automated clinical chemistry system designed for on-site patient testing.  Roughly the size of a shoebox, health care providers use the easy to follow colour touch screen commands to perform routine multi-chemistry panels.  100µl of whole blood, serum or plasma is added directly to the patented 8-cm diameter single use plastic disc containing the liquid diluent and dry reagents.  The disc is placed in the analyser drawer where centrifugal and capillary forces are used to mix the reagents and sample in the disc.  The Piccolo xpress™ monitors the reagent reactions simultaneously using nine wavelengths, calculates the results from the absorbance data and reports the results.  The Piccolo xpress™ self-calibrates with each run and the on-board continuous intelligent Quality Control (iQC™)monitors the analyser, reagent reactions and sample to ensure chemistry and instrument integrity.  This assures you the highest quality and accuracy in results.  Delivers results in 3 simple steps and approximately 12 minutes with a "hard copy" report suitable for the patient file or transferred to a computer, printer or an LIS/EMR.  This enables you to rapidly obtain critical diagnostic information at point of care.  The easy-to-use, maintenance-free system requires no special training to operate.

Step 1: Add Sample.  Simply collect 100µl of whole bloood, serum or plasma, and transfer it to the self-contained reagent disc.  The single use, disposable disc contains all the reagents and diluent necessary to perform a complete fixed multi-test panel. 

Step 2: Insert Disc.  Follow the touch screen commands.  Place the disc into the analyser drawer, enter requested information and the Piccolo xpress™ does the rest.  In approximately 12 minutes, results are ready!

Step 3: Read Results.  Complete panel results including patient demographics, chemistry concentrations, reference ranges, sample integrity indices and iQC are available on the full colour display, printed or transmitted to an external printer, computer or LIS/EMR system.  The Piccolo xpress™ analyser will store on-board up to 5000 patient and quality control results. For more information on this product and related products, the following link is included.



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